Hospital Consumer Assessment Of Healthcare Essays

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In today 's healthcare, many patients no longer suffer from one illness instead suffer from multiple illnesses. More often these illnesses are intertwined requiring a multidisciplinary approach from cardiology, nephrology, respiratory, orthopedic and other specialties. Due to the complexity of the disease process or injuries, the collaboration between these disciplines is becoming more common. With collaboration and with increasing complexities of the patient 's medical conditions, communication between these healthcare disciplines is crucial for the effective delivery of medical care for the patient. Weller, Boyd, and Cummin (2014) points out, "With increasing complexity and even more specialization of skills, the current healthcare environment demands effective communication and teamwork to reliably deliver best patient care," (p. 153). Also, due to the increasing medical cost, most health insurance providers, to include Medicare and Medicaid, instituted pay-for-performance provision, otherwise known as Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) scores. In pay-for-performance provisions or HCAHPS, physicians and hospitals are paid based on meeting predetermined evidence-based performance measures for quality and efficiency related to patient care and patient satisfaction. Accordingly, the Joint Commission reports "the most frequently cited root cause of sentinel events is communication failure during handoffs," (Cairns, Dudjak, Hoffman,…

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