Examples Of Irresponsibility In Nursing

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irresponsibility. Among the necessary qualities in acting as an accredited nurse are honesty and trustworthiness. These qualities are important because it ensures that the nurse has the interests of her patients first while performing her duties. According to standard four; self-regulation (standard of practice for nurses and midwives, SNB, 2011) nurses shall be accountable to self, clients, community, members of the healthcare team and the employers. Nurses are responsible and accountable for upholding the standards of practice and maintaining competence and fitness to practice by maintaining own physical, psychological and emotional fitness to practice and comply with employer in the best interest of the public. The registered nurse should maintain her high ethical value instead of showing dishonesty by forging and tampering her timesheet at work. …show more content…
al. (Nursing ethics, 2007), explores the meaning of the complex phenomenon of moral responsibility in nursing practices. Results shows that the responsibility was interpreted as a relational way of being, which involves guidance by one’s inner compass composed of ideals, values and knowledge that translates into striving to do good. It was concluded that, if nurses are to continue striving to do good in a way that respects themselves and other people, it is important that they do not feel forced to compromise their values. Instead they should be given space and encouragement in their endeavors to do good in a relational way that advances nursing as a moral practice. This show that has a moral responsible is accountable for nursing

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