Homosexuality Essay

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Homosexuality is a combination of two words homo and sex, which means having sex or a relationship with the same sex. It is one of the most debatable topics between two kinds of thoughts. The first one, which is against homosexuality, takes religions as a leader of fighting against homosexuality, and the second one that defends it. So, it seems like a fighting between religious and non-religious people. In addition, some of the people agree with killing, persecuting homosexuals, and putting them in prisons, while other people say that homosexuals are people like us, so they have at least the right to live. The European countries and the United States are the best example for the countries that give some rights for the homosexuals,
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Homosexuals in this world do not have the chance to still alive. It could be a fact; the end life of homosexuals is either by killing or suicide. Some people argue that killing those people an order from Allah, whereas God says killing is forbidden. For example, few months ago around five hundred gays died in a demonstration after an earthquake, and then people said god did that because god wanted to show people that homosexual people should be killed. However, the question is we have seen people who are killed or exploded in mosques and churches, so does that mean God is against Islam and Christianity, or God chooses that because every person will die but in a specific time place and way. The second way of killing is encouraging those people to suicide. Even if we are against with or against the idea of homosexuality we have to respect homosexuals because they are the same as each one of us. Therefore, we can achieve that right by teaching people that they are not …show more content…
Those people have families, friends and etc.. So, how do those people think about the change from “normal people” to lesbians and gays. People also say that he or she has changed because a problem affects his or her life and makes him or her different than other people. For example, a true story is written under the name of Meem mentions that “She said we all become gay of something that happens in our childhood: abuse, rape, losing a parent, divorce, bad experiences with the opposite sex, or something equal disturbing. I do not believe that is true. It might be the case with some people, but it was not for me”. (When my father died).So the writer did not change because the death of the writer’s father, whereas she changed because she wanted to change. In addition, when parents know that one of their children becomes gay or lesbian, they will stop giving them money, and they will force their new children to leave the house. So, the problem between the homosexuals and their environment should be solved, or the result will become the breaking down between the LGBTs and their

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