Argumentative Essay On Homophobia

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Homophobia is the dislike of or prejudice against homosexuals. To those who are homophobic they associate non-heterosexuals with being problematic as in wrong, unnatural, filthy and any other negative terms they can use to describe them. This eventually leads to people having negative feelings that are used to fuel the myths, stereotypes, and discrimination that can lead to violence against the LGB (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual) community. It is still a problem today, but it does seem to be getting better. Eventually, the people that participate in homophobia will and are becoming the minority. The reason as to why homophobia will not disappear but more likely to decrease is because more and more people are making a change. People who were once afraid to come out are now getting ready to let people know. The fact that there are such things as gay parades also make a huge difference. What this shows is that so many people are part of the community and that it is not just something that was made up. It is letting people know that it is a huge community and that they will be there to support one another. Another reason as to why homophobia will decrease is because people are being more aware and accepting. An example is the media representing the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual community. What many tend not to …show more content…
A new study says that acceptance of homosexuality has grown in 90 percent of countries surveyed over the last 20 years. According to findings by social researchers at NORC at the University of Chicago and the LGBT think-thank Williams Institute at UCLA, acceptance rose an average of .9 percent annually by nation (Dicker). The rise in support for same-sex marriage has been especially dramatic over the last two decades. It went from 11 percent approval in 1988 to 46 percent in 2010, compared to 40 percent who were opposed, producing a narrow plurality in favor for the first time

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