Sexual Orientation Prejudice

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Prejudice Based on Sexual Orientation

Hello Toowoomba Region Council. How many people here today have a clear identity of sexual orientation? Most of you know your sexual orientation very well, how many of you are heterosexual. The result is almost the same. Heterosexuality covers the majority of the population, social prejudice against gays and lesbians is becoming an unignorable issue.

Many people hold their attitude or opinions because other people do. You will think the opinions hold by the majority are right. This is just like a fixed pattern in our mind, which caused prejudice that we are going to discuss about today. The issue I explored is prejudice based on sexual orientation. American phycologist Gregory (2000) states that sexual
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Is it urgent or necessary? These are what I was questioning before. However, I find that is very necessary to discuss on the issue about sexual orientation without delay in our harmony week. My reasons are as following two aspects.

First of all, a newly survey from the text Sexual Orientation Equality (2010) shows that one of ten people in London is gay, lesbian or bisexual. American biologist, professor of entomology and zoology and sexologist Alfred Charles Kinsey ever said in his survey that more than 46% men show that they ever have interest in the same sex and more than 37% have the same-sex behavior before. And the population of homosexuality occupies almost 2%-5%. Don’t you think we can forget about this group of people?

The second point I want to focus on is about their contributions to our society. Many lesbians, gays and bisexual people are very talented in society. Those talented people are more gathering in fashion, show business, tourism industries. They are one part of our family. If you have a friend who is a gay, will you stop being his friend? However, there are numerous gay people hiding their sexual orientation just in order to avoid prejudice and

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