Heteronormative And Religious Perspective On Lesbian And Gay

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Heteronormative and religious perspective on Lesbian & Gay
My contribution on Gay and Lesbian Rights Presentation
The fight for lesbian and gay rights have become a discourse from time to time and being the phenomenal and controversial issue over the period. The vast majority community particularly religious and heteronormative society have refused homosexuality in favor to heterosexuality. Their strong views regarding human sexuality are unchangeable as for them heterosexuality is the only right way and a good thing for people to identify with (Cline, n.d). However, this sort of beliefs seen as an inadequacy interpretation of human being in approaching human sexuality as they fail to acknowledge others as a unique being. Gay or lesbian people
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This society quite prevalent holds that heterosexuality is the only sexual preferences or the only norm, and marital affairs are only fitting between people of opposite sexes. Therefore, a "heteronormative" interpretation is one that involves configuration of biological gender identity and gender roles, sex and sexuality (Lovaas, Karen, and Mercilee, 2008). Thus, heteronormativity leads towards a kind of society that assuming people as what society wish to be, rather than letting people being whoever they want to be, as unique being in this world (Wygant, 2015).
The Social conception is paralyzing people from their ability to understand reality as something different and autonomous out there. In the presentation, I have remedied some argument contrast that gay and lesbian right should advocate, as it needs to be accepted, and have a place within the society. Three reasons grounded my argument; first, the law of attraction is not human manipulation. Second, sexual preference is biologically determined, and further gay and lesbian right is a civil right!
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Some States still have commandments that formulating homosexual relation should punish to death. This era supposed to be an era where everyone should be treat as equal due to the same right as a human being, but the reality showed that some people those differ on their sexual preference are alienated. Gender identity should not be a parameter or attribute that place homosexuality on such marginalized way in the society. There should be no one in this world, their rights being ignored just because the societies, institutions or authorities perceive them

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