The Matrix Of Sexism And Heterosexism

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The matrix of domination refers to the configuration of race, class and gender relations in society that together intertwine and establish a system of domination. It states that no one characteristics can be fully understood without taking into account the other characteristics. An example of this is that while males are the "dominant" gender, a black male will have more disadvantages than a white male. It is vital to take into account race, class and gender in order to come up with a system that stratifies domination in society.

Heterosexism is the social construction of behaviors and beliefs that heterosexuality is the only acceptable form of sexual expression. Institutions with a heterosexism view, negatively sanction those who act or think otherwise. This social structure creates privileges for those who believe in heterosexuality and denies those privileges to homosexual relationships, which often leas to homophobia. An example of heterosexism can be found in the Catholic religion. The Catholic religion emphasize the importance of a man and woman to be together. Those who partake in homosexual relationships and not given the same welcoming as those in heterosexual relationships. This also transpires into many medical work such as insurance
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It also denies claims that society transforms and molds human behavior by social forces. It is the clear example of the fight between nature vs. nurture. Although in reality humans are formed by neither nature or nurture, but by a combination of the two, some biological bodily phenomenoms are explained though biological determinism. A clear example of biological determinism is PMS. Since women are the only sex to have menstruation, they in turn are the only ones that go through PMS during their menstrual cycle. Attention to PMS in the medical profession has increased in the last few decades reminiscing on the idea of biological

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