Homosexuality And Homosexuality In Religion

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Homosexuality is a controversial issue in many religious traditions. In the early stages of coming out, rejection of religious tradition is common; but in later stages, when identity acceptance and pride are reached, the need to integrate one’s homosexual and religious identities can became paramount. Sexuality and spirituality are intricately linked. A positive appreciation of one’s sexual orientation is essential to spiritual and psychosocial development. Despite contemporary perceptions that homosexuality is a western phenomenon, same-sex dynamics of many varieties are an integral part of Islamic history and culture (Woodford, Michael R., N. Eugene Walls, and Denise L. Levy. 2012). Contemporary Muslim scholars contend that all humans are …show more content…
One would assume that all Muslims believe in Allah and confide in him all life choices whether it is good or bad. In the end, only Allah can judge you at the Day of Judgment. Most Muslims believe in this, however many of them take the judgment part into their own hands and judge those that don’t confine to the norms of society. This includes homosexuals. It is this action that leads homosexuals into a confined space where either they can choose to believe in Allah, or follow their God-given sexuality (Omar Minwalla, B. R. Simon Rosser, Jamie Feldman, and Christine Varga. 2005). For this reason, there exists a wide array of viewpoints on this topic from the homosexual standpoint. For some people, they think of Allah as a guide and someone to turn to in conflict between gay and Muslim identities and try to maintain both pathways. Some decided to distance them from one’s sexuality due to forceful marriage that many families’ members abide to as part of the reason Allah has put them on earth. In this way, they betray their own sexual desires, confining in religion to fulfill this notion. Lastly, some decide to do the opposite and distance one’s self-religion believing that is a sin to be homosexuality and them being homosexuality is a rejection from following Islam (Omar Minwalla, B. R. Simon Rosser, Jamie Feldman, and Christine Varga. 2005). They believe that it is Allah’s fault they are like this; thus, they end up betraying and/or rejecting the faith of Islam. Whatever choice these individuals fall under, in one way or fashion, they have related their way of life with texts from the Qur’an. All Muslims believe in this holy book, the Qur’an, however the way one interpreters it, changes their viewpoint on certain contradicting themes of the society. Most homosexuals, especially those who tend to affirm that religion is a major part of their life, try to

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