Protests Against Racism

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The reason why I say the efforts to end racism doesn’t work is because we still have many acts of Racism today. You have white people being racist towards African Americans, then you have white people being racist towards Mexicans. You also have black people who don’t like white people, and black people who don’t like Mexicans so in honesty racism may never stop. I feel like people only dislike a race because of what somebody told them or from the bad things they see about a race because every race isn’t bad just people just a label on one race and that race is stuck with that label. Not every race is bad honest you have people in each race that will go to the end of the world for people, but the way people where raised they can’t see threw it. I feel as if people are raised to be racist it’s not something that just happens over time because you can’t just one day wake up and decide not to like a certain ethic group.
When Donald Trump won the election I think racist people felt as if the can come back and think they can do and say whatever. That’s not the case because people know a day’s people don’t take disrespect to kindly, people are quick to shoot and ask questions later. The racist states deep down south really showed how racism can still exist because Donald Trump is
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People use to frown upon people who are homosexual or lesbians but in actuality they are decent people and they actually stress less then straight people. They know how to just be themselves and they are content without having to answer to anyone about it because on the inside they know who they are and they are happy about it. I have a gay best friend me and her have been cool for 7 years she is one of the realist friends I have. She lives care free because she knows who she is in life and can’t anyone make her feel

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