Homework At The Poway Unified School District Essay

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Kaden Tollestrup
Mr. Nevares

Warning: Homework May Be Hazardous to Your Health Submitted to NY Times
August 16, 2016. A day that had been calendered by thousands across the local area. Some were excited, some nervous and some had a feeling of dread.This day marked the first day of school for the Poway Unified School District. This starts a trend of long nights of foolish amounts of homework assignments. Now the limits to family time and free time are dramatically altered all for the sake of supposed student growth. The little known secret is there are no real studies proving that large amounts of homework benefits the student enough to compensate for what is lost in sacrificing critical parts of their childhood.
This homework stress is rampant across America. There have been many studies finding a clear connection between stress brought on by overly demanding homework causing- migraines, ulcers and other stomach problems, sleep deprivation and exhaustion, and weight loss, ' (Denise Pope).
Although large amounts of stress is unhealthy for kids at this age, small and reasonable amounts of stress can create a great sense of responsibility. Students can learn punctuality through turning assignments in. Homework can be good in many situations and teach valuable lessons on follow through, discipline and time management. These lessons are learned when an age appropriate amount of homework is given not when excessive amounts are assigned. The excessive amounts will only…

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