Essay on Homecoming : A Homecoming Court

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Homecoming is a tradition that every school does of welcoming back students of a school. Many different activities take place such as spirit week, a parade and so much more. There is also a homecoming court which consist of a king, prince, queen and a princess, but every school does things differently. At my high school we have a homecoming court that consist of just girls. Only the senior princesses are allowed to be nominated to become a homecoming queen. Homecoming was one of the most significant moments in my life. This significant moment felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity. When I began my senior year in high school I knew I wanted to stand out some type of way. So I decided to join SCA, that way I could automatically be put on the homecoming court ballot. When the day came to vote for the homecoming court princesses I was extremely nervous. But that moment when the senior princesses’ names were called and I was one, all that had changed. Being nominated as one out of four girls to represent to my senior class as the only African American was definitely significant to me.
Being chosen to be a homecoming princess was very shocking. Since I was not popular compared to the other girls I was running against I did feel like I wasn’t going to be nominated. I knew being the only African American in the homecoming court would make me really stand out but I didn’t care. In today’s society it seems like it’s a mission to be what someone of a different race think one…

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