Essay about Home Is My Family By My Life

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Home Equals Happy Me
There is literally no place like home. What I mean by home is where my family is at. Growing up in Colombia and then moving to Houston, Texas has made me realize the true meaning of home. Like the quote from On Going Home that said “By “home” I do not mean the house in Los Angeles where my husband and I and the baby live, but the place where my family is in” we can both agree that no matter where we are home will always be our families. Thanks to these little transitions that have happened to me during my eighteen years of life, I have been able to distinguish all the blessings of having an amazing family by my side. I strongly believe that a home is one of the best things in life.
During the first four years of my childhood, I was living near the equator in Cali, Colombia. Back in those days my family members were of my mom, dad, older sister, and me. To be honest I do not remember my parents being around that much because money was greatly needed at that time. Even though they were not around my older sister liked to make me think that we were playing babies, and of course I was the baby and she was the mom. She would feed me, cleaned me, and made sure I had everything I needed. As a result of her doing that my deep affection for her grew and I even loved her more than my mom. My mom and dad at the time were so worry about our future that they forgot they had a family at home; when they were working twenty-four seven all seven days a week. As a…

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