Essay on Holiday and Comfort Zone

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A Never Forgotten Vacation

The scorching hot sun was beating down on my bare pale skin, the warm light breeze gently brushed through my blonde hair and the cool, shimmery, turquoise water soothed my skin. The smell of coconuts and pina coladas whirled in from the snack bar and the fresh salty air made my whole body calm and relaxed. This is just how the vacation of my lifetime would start and It would soon be my favorite place in the world to visit. My vacation in Mexico brought many exciting adventures and new experiences that brought a positive insight in me as it made me break out of my comfort zone, made me want to travel the world more often, and also to get involved and make a difference in the world.

As I glanced out the
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The beach was a scorching furnace, as I felt it slowly burn my body and my face and the sweat on me was a river running down my forehead. As the day ended, I lay myself in my bed and my thoughts were consumed by all of the stunning scenery that I had witnessed that day in this beautiful and enchanting location and I started to think about it more and more and it made me realize that when I’m older I want to travel the world and witness all the different locations and the beautiful scenery they have to offer and learn about different cultures.

I woke up the next morning and jumped out of my bed as I was thrilled to start off the day with a bunch of fun and adventurous activities that I’ve never experienced before. “Taylor, would you like to swim with the dolphins today and go zip lining?” my mom said as my eyes were wide open and had the biggest smile on my face, I couldn’t help but scream “YES!”. As we got our stuff packed and soothed the sunscreen all over our body, we were set to go. The water was splashing against our legs and the warm breeze whistled through our hair and the smell of the salty clean air overhead as we walked over to the hut where I would soon experience one of my most memorable moments. As we got into the water, Melanie the dolphin came gliding across the water as we all lined up and pet her. The best part of this whole experience was getting a ride on the dolphin while I held onto

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