Hockey Is The Sport That Rules Canada And With Good Reason Essay

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They say America’s past time is Baseball and more recently Football however, our neighbor to north is known for neither of these. Hockey is the sport that rules Canada and with good reason. Its reach can be felt throughout the US however both professionally and collegiately. Over the years one region has shown a strong influence of the game and that is the Northeast (CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT). While college hockey is not limited to just this region, we take a trip down memory lane briefly discussing the history of Division I(DI) Men and Women’s Ice Hockey, along with some of the big changes made in the most recent rule publications. Also giving a more in depth look at the ECAC Hockey conference along with the Hockey East both DI conferences.
The first Division I college hockey championship took place in 1948 between Michigan and Dartmouth with Michigan taking home the glory. (NCAA, 2009) However, this sport has not seen a large gender bias. The first women’s team was formed in 1965 by Brown University however, it would not be until 1976 that the first ever women tournament would take place. (Eschenbach, 2009). Over the year the NCAA tournament it-self has changed over time. Upon its inception the tournament consisted of 4 teams in a 1 game playoff. This would stay this way until the end of 1976. In 1977, the number of teams would change from 4 to 6 teams and this would last until 1980. In 1981, the tournament would add 2 more teams making the total 8 teams and a change…

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