Hiv in Homelessness Essay

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Recommendations for Clinical Practice and Public Policy

Developed for The Bureau of Primary Health Care and The HIV/AIDS Bureau Health Resources and Services Administration by John Song, M.D., M.P.H., M.A.T. November 1999

Financial and other support for the development and distribution of this paper were provided by the Bureau of Primary Health Care and the HIV/AIDS Bureau, Health Resources Services Administration, United States Department of Health and Human Services, to the National Health Care for the Homeless Council, Inc., and its subsidiary, the Health Care for the Homeless Clinicians’ Network. The views presented in this paper are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the
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Song, brought to the task his insight from treating HIV-infected people as a volunteer with Health Care for the Homeless, Inc., of Maryland, and writing skills honed in part through his experience as a leader of a homeless writers’ group in Baltimore. He also brought a kind and generous heart. We are grateful that Dr. Song chose to devote part of his dual fellowship in General Internal Medicine and in Ethics and Public Policy to this project. The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Georgetown University deserve appreciation for the support they provided for his endeavor. In defining the parameters of the paper, Dr. Song consulted with an HIV/AIDS Advisory Committee of the Health Care for the Homeless Clinicians’ Network, whose members also reviewed various drafts as the work progressed. Advisory Committee members are listed in Appendix IV. Brenda J. Proffitt, MHA, ably staffed and guided the Committee in her role as Project Director for the HCH Clinicians’ Network. A Symposium on HIV/AIDS and Homelessness — convened by two agencies of the Health Resources Services Administration, the Bureau of Primary Health Care and the HIV/AIDS Bureau — brought together researchers, HIV-infected homeless people, health care providers, HIV/AIDS specialists and homeless advocates to contribute further advice to the project. Many of the recommendations in this paper emerged from that very productive Symposium. Participants are listed in Appendix V. Special thanks is due to Jean L.

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