Lou Malnati's Pizzeria Restaurant Analysis

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After walking into the restaurant tucked in the back corner of the complex, all one could hear is the roars of conversation and the aroma of pizza in the air. Starting their roots in Chicago, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria started as the typical family-owned business as of the 1940s. They kept their grounds local while they kept their pizza’s large, filling, and loaded with harmonized tastes. The amount of toppings were astonishing and the cheese melted in the mouth. Tastes exceptional to the tongue with a variety of complementing flavors. The popular Chicago restaurant expanded its franchise to the Phoenix area, which is where this all started. Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is one of the most unique pizzerias in Phoenix because of the restaurants eye catching …show more content…
Take the simple elegance of a Neapolitan pizza, Americanize it and jam it in a pan, then bury it under a pile of cheese and chunky tomato sauce and you have Chicago 's most famous contribution to the world pizza pantheon. Though short on sophistication, it 's a dish that 's long on pure joy… This is one of Chicago 's titans of deep dish, and the chain 's new restaurant at Uptown Plaza will be the 46th branch, but the first outside the greater Chicagoland area (1).
This particular deep-dish pizza is quite different in its appearance, but does not account for its taste. The unusual flakey crust surrounds the dish and once a bite is taken the crust melts similar to the cheese. These unique features to the deep-dish pizza and the restaurants known reputation incorporates an additional pressure to the quality of the experience. Personally, the unique pizza texture and tastes were up to the standard of any individual. Not only does Lou Malnati’s produce exquisite deep-dish pizzas, but these pizzas are more time consuming to
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The custom designs and layout of the restaurant catches the eyes of customers and outsiders. Not only does the design draw in the customer’s appeal, but as well as its pizza, which is carefully crafted to Chicago quality and cooked to perfection. The wait does test one’s patience, but the result is an outcome that typically is not produced by any other pizzeria. The company’s services in Phoenix and homeland Chicago are astonishing to their mission to help the communities. With the restaurants unique features such as design factors, deep-dish pizza quality, and the numerous services that they provide to charities, the experience while dining in is one like no other pizzeria. In all, the restaurant is not just a place to get good pizza, but one where families can

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