History And Operation Of An Electric Car Essay

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Attention getter: Erin Brockovich, American legal clerk and environmental activist, once said,“We are destroying what we need to survive. It’s air. It’s water. When we destroy these things, we destroy ourselves.”
Credentials: As a child I grew up by learning and reading about cars in magazine and books, so despite the fact that I am new and still learning about the green, clean and energy efficient resources, I do love explore new things about automobile.
Thesis: Although any sort of vehicle can get you to where you want to be, the electronic autos as well help the environment.
Overview of Main Points: First of all, I will tell you the history and operation of an electric car; then I will inform you all about presence of an electric car and it’s benefits and limitations; and at the end I will show you the importance of electric car in the future.
I. History and operation of electric car
Person who invented battery operated carriage: It is hard to find a specific person who is responsible for the invention of electric cart. But the idea of electric carriage was begun by Robert Anderson sometime between 1832 to 1838.
He fabricated first battery operated cart, but the problem with his design was battery because the batteries, he was used, were not rechargeable, so his idea of a battery operated cart didn’t become successful at that time.
How it’s work: Just by looking at the car you may not judge that it is a normal car or electric car because the outer body…

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