Hippocampus In Henry Molaise

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The removal of the hippocampus in Henry Molaise (HM) has taught us a lot about memory. Because he was suffering from a massive amount of epileptic seizures, it was no wonder that he agreed to the surgery to gain some relief that drugs could not provide him. Understanding of the hippocampus was in its infancy in 1953 (Kalat, 2016). After the removal of his hippocampus, to a great extent, his seizures reduced radically, however, it impacted the use of his short-term and long-term memory. He retained his intellect and speaking abilities, however, he exhibited an unexplained continued placidness to his personality (Kalat, 2016).

HM’s name is in nearly 12,000 journals which makes him “the most studied case in psychological history” (Ogden,

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