Highschool Dropout Research Paper

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Sir winston churchill once stated, “ Never give up on something that you can 't go a day without thinking about. The subject of High school dropout is an important topic that needs to be discussed as it continues to be an issue many face. In America, adults ages 30-39, who never completed high school were earning 15,700 a year less than colleagues with high school diplomas. There are many negative outcomes that result from students dropping out of highschool and not graduating.there are many reasons why this problem has existed for numerous years. Becoming a highschool dropout is a growing problem in America that many kids will have to face in the upcoming years.

Generally speaking when a student becomes a dropout making it on their own
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Dropouts are more likely to be unemployed or land on welfare(“ When It Makes Sences To Drop Out of School”). This is not the scaryist of the facts but should still be noted and not be taken lghtly. Some students may think it is just not for them. Health issues may also necessitate a pause in education while a child heals, or gets phyiscal or mental health condition under control(“When It Makes Sences To Drop Out of School”). When hearing facts like these everything most seem bleak for a highschool student but there is still hope, nearly 75% of the teens who drop out eventually finish. The majority by earning their GED(“When It Makes Sences To Drop Out of School”). Lastly these are some of the reasons that students drop out but seem still forget there is still hope for this …show more content…
You need others to support and Motivate you to be the best you can. Just like being a dropout a person can make a difference in his/hers life. If you are willing to change a dropout life you can talk them through it. One way is to volunteer as a mentor for highschool students in your community. people can support the highschool students they come in contact with through wok or extended family and encourage them to stay in school(“"The High School Drop-Out Epidemic vs Benefits of College Education.").Helpig dropouts back on track is also some of the many ways of helping. There are schools called dropout factories where the graduation rate is lower than sixty percent. Specail programs can bve implemented in these schools with mentors and solutions to help the studnets at these schools find a stable environment that will allow them to continue tto attend school and move on to college("The High School Drop-Out Epidemic vs Benefits of College Education."). Lastly not everything can be done alone in this world and helping other that are not on the right track back will improve their

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