Remedial Classes

In the article “Increasing Access to College: An Education Mistake,” by Toby, Jackson, he proposes the importance of secondary education systems not educating up to their maximum potential. Lack of preparation leads to daily life struggles for young adults. Students must be properly prepared prior to their college admission for a smooth and successful educational transition. Secondary schools are failing in their education system, forcing colleges and universities to lower their standards for these students. Unfortunately, many college applicants now live with the consequences because they were poorly prepared.
Many students weren’t introduced to MLA or APA formatting before being admitted into college. Therefore, they must spend extra time
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Students placed in remedial classes are automatically set back in their education. Remedial classes are used for students that don’t qualify for a college level course. So, they are placed in a lower level course to help them prepare for a higher-level class. This is a decision usually determined by placement testing. Unfortunately, these classes don’t qualify as a credit. Meaning that the class doesn’t make it to their transcript or apply towards their GPA. Many see these remedial courses as a huge set back. Remedial classes are necessary in some cases, to allow students to learn required material for the …show more content…
The second audience group would also include young adults who attends schools that lack in higher standard learning. Due to that lack of learning infrastructures they lack in daily life skills. The authors goal is to gain the attention of educational leaders to make a change in their yearly curriculum. If the issue doesn’t get solved then we will forever have students being enrolled in remedial course. The author structures his essay by providing introducing the issue of secondary schools poorly educating, then he provides examples of how it effects students in the long run. He basically uses the method of cause and effect. The author most definitely has an effective intention for the article. His facts and examples have strong points that correspond to the issue that he has addressed. The author uses informative language through the article. The reader knows this because he isn’t trying to persuade anyone, he’s just trying to inform his audience about the

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