Higher Consciousness, Christ Consciousness And Jesus Essay

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Higher Consciousness, Christ Consciousness and Jesus I received an email from a reader questioning people 's ability to connect with higher consciousness and claiming that I have yet to be mentored by the true God--Jesus Christ.

"You claim to teach the secrets of the soul, success, "finding oneself," ascension, etc. I believe you 've left out an important step and have yet to be mentored by the true God; you only promote the self-god of new age. How can I tell? Because if you had met Him, you would speak of Him and tell others of His glory. We can only rise so far in our own wisdom and that 's due to a pre-existing and self-perfected curse...the very crux of mankind 's disconnect. It 's called sin, and the solution to this sin-curse is remedied only by the blood of Jesus Christ. Acceptance of Him might cause the "coolest" of your friends to ridicule you and maybe the entire tribe of your family to reject you...but only He will save you," he went on.

Well, I actually do speak of Jesus Christ and have written of the importance of Jesus in several of my articles. Jesus - in the form of Christ consciousness and higher consciousness - is my mentor. Furthermore, my actions have been questioned by family and friends - even though I was following the higher consciousness within.

My understanding is that Jesus Christ was here to teach us, to be an example for all of us to follow. We are here to follow his lead, not merely to believe in his existence.

There are many…

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