High Stakes Testing Place Emotional Stress Essay

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Public schools in America have serious problems within the system. Problems that could be resolved. Public school systems could and should be better. The citizens, school board, parents, government, principal and even the students have to work together to make the school itself and the system better. The problems I have identified: standardized testing is stressful, schools do not have rigorous programs to prepare students for college, and the difficulty of students transitioning from high school to college are all major issues within the public education system.
Standardized testing is emotionally stressful. Not only are high schoolers but also elementary kids stressed by standardized tests. This leads to illnesses such as vomiting and crying. “Stressed elementary students in grades two through four tend to show emotional stress behaviors such as crying, throwing tantrums, wetting themselves, and vomiting,” ("Tests + Stress = Problems For Students - Brain Connection." Brain Connection. N.p., 12 July 2000. Web. 21 Oct. 2015.) High stakes testing place emotional stress on the human’s brain, which could cause people to vomit. Not only is there illnesses that students face with these standardized tests, they also experience “acting out”. They have behavior issues that cause problems for them to learn. “Nonetheless, some educational researchers have documented “acting out” behaviors exhibited by stressed out students that even go beyond the “exam stress”” ("Tests + Stress =…

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