Essay on High School Vs. Middle School

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Born as the 2nd and youngest child of a single-mother in a small farming town south of Detroit called Monroe, Michigan, I was taught values and character traits vicariously through our mother, brother and father. Although my father was not in my life directly, the lack him because of his alcoholism was an illustration of addiction’s power. Being raised by my mother, she demonstrated her mantra that anything is accomplishable if you work hard and never give up. Becoming the first female Cub Master of the Year for our Boy Scout Troop, teaching us to race dirt bikes and play every sport at the Catholic elementary and middle school I attended were some of my mother’s accomplishments that shaped my perspective as a child. While most of my family attended a Catholic High School, I chose a different path to be the pilot class of a pre-medicine focused middle college. With the opportunity to begin dual enrollment as a sophomore in high school, I excelled as a student and was recommended to become a college level writing fellow while still in high school. I expanded upon this opportunity to become a tutor for over 10 subjects, a supplemental instruction leader, a GED tutor and an ACT preparation tutor, while attending my courses and working as a deli server, bag boy, and ice cream server. Through exposing myself to opportunities to learn more about healthcare, my perspective and goals in medicine have greatly changed since becoming interested after a 5th grade injury. Through the…

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