High School Vs. College Essay

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The Big Transition

Are you planning on going to college right out of high school? Almost everyone at one-point transfer from high school to some type of college, whether it be a community college or a university. Most people will tell you that they are the same, but college is just a little harder, but they are wrong. College is a big transition and you should be prepared and plan ahead so your transition can be a success. There are many differences between High school and college life, but the three main differences are the atmosphere, grades, and individualism.
In high school everyone is surrounded by people they have grown up with their whole lives. Throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school you have seen all the same familiar faces. Students in high school are assigned classes and spend about seven to eight hours in class 45 hours a week in class. Drama and gossip spreads faster than light because everyone knows everyone. You and your grade have gone through the wins and losses of a play-off football game, eighth grade transfer, all the high school dances, and now graduation. College on the other hand, you could be in a classroom and you won 't know a single person. Everyone is anonymous in college because no one knows you unless someone from your school goes to the same college as you. Also in college it’s an open campus, which means you pick your classes and schedules so you can go and come whenever you are available. Your classes can range from…

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