Essay about High School Students Should Take Into Consideration

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One of the major decisions that high school students should take into consideration when it comes to college selection is whether they would want to attend a small or a big campus. At a certain point, many high school students have thought about attending a small college as it provides a strong sense of community. However, large college campuses are a much better option as they offer a wider variety of facilities, a bigger social scene and more room for clubs and activities.

Every college, whether big or small, has to offer campus services of some kind that would help students succeed academically. Services provided by small campuses include a small library, classrooms, and computer labs. Although these services provide the basic needs for students, they are not enough. A wider variety of facilities is present at large campuses. Larger schools usually have a well-stocked library that includes research material for all topics and courses of all different majors. Not only that, some large colleges have specific libraries for different majors. In contrast, small campuses have very limited sources of resources. They usually have one library that has different sections for different majors. Furthermore, big colleges have lecture halls which give the student the freedom to learn at their own pace and reduces the pressure of being picked at by the professor. Moreover, having more students who have different opinions in a classroom would lead to beneficial discussions. Whereas,…

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