High School Football Vs. Middle School Essay

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Fall in Oxford Michigan is all about high school football. Unless you happen to be in middle school which I was, then it’s about middle school football. I had never had much interest in the sport, didn’t even know half the rules, but Luke had been bugging me to join the football team that year, which was our 8th grade year. Middle school football in our county was divided into Heavy-weight and Light-weight. Heavies are anyone over 130lbs, the Lights are anyone under, and I weighed about 95lbs with sand in my shoes. I would be in Light-weight and Luke was going for Heavy-weight. Even though we wouldn’t be on the same team Luke and I would still practice together half the time so I decided to join. Nowadays I am about average height and pretty skinny. Back then the kindest way to describe me would have been tall and scrawny. So when the guys at my school heard that I was going to join the football team this year I got challenged a bit. It was a bit bothersome so when I learned that I could choose to be on the Heavy-weight team even if I didn’t make weight I opted for it. Not exactly the best decision, I got the crap beat out of me a lot. It was nothing spiteful from my teammates, you just can’t gently hit someone that weighs 80lbs less than you. At the end of the first week I was pretty fed up with football. Not because of the physical aspect; I got worse beatings from my older brother and kids in the neighborhood all the time (I had an issue with mouthing off to guys who…

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