High School Compare And Contrast Essay

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When I was in high school, I would hate it to the point I became impatient to leave high school, so I started to do extra classes to finish high school to go to college. It was something that became very annoying because they were not teaching me what I wanted to learn since they wanted to teach me what high school needs to be taught. Once I got into college it felt like everything had changed the classes that I took became more challenging in the same way more interesting and I became more independent of my time, but both college and high school share similarities, but they also have its own differences. The education that is being taught, the society that is seen, and the teachers.
Education in high school is very indefinite in how they are
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High school education is also very strict rather than free like college meaning you have to take almost the same classes rather to take classes that will help you on your future. The thing with high school education is that it is cheaper than a college education since high school is very cheap students might have a hard time in college trying to pay for their education, which causes students to go straight to work instead of going to college. If students only finished high school they would just earn a diploma which can cause them to be less marketable rather than a person who has an associates in their resume. Education in college is so detailed since they are trying to make you keep the knowledge in your head rather than just prepare you to take their test and it is more of challenge for a student because there is more details rather than just pieces of details like in high school. By being more detailed makes student be more engaged in their classes and have a better success rate rather than in high school. I’ am an example of this since I use to get lots of B’s and C’s that I lost the feeling of getting A’s in a class. …show more content…
High school teachers are not educated such as professors since some high school teacher’s requirements are not as strict like college professor requirements, meaning the lecture of a high school teacher is more different than a lecture of a professor. Teachers in high school are teaching the same way because of what they are obligated to do rather than professor that has his or her own way to teach

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