Society In College Vs High School

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When I was in high school, I would hate it to the point I became impatient to leave high school, so I started to do extra classes to finish high school to go to college. It was something that became very annoying because they were not teaching me what I wanted to learn since they wanted to teach me what high school needs to be taught. Once I got into college it felt like everything had changed the classes that I took became more challenging in the same way more interesting and I became more independent of my time, but both college and high school share similarities, but they also have its own differences. The education that is being taught, the society that is seen, and the teachers.
Education in high school is very indefinite in how they are
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Students that attend college can from other countries and can have more of an impact to an individual as well. Since the society of college is freer they have more ways to express themselves differently. Such as there is no dress restrictions giving a student who goes to college a uniqueness. Also the friendship with people of different ages. In high school society was more about popularity and more immature because of student ages. Society in high school friendship was either the same age or close to a person in that grade level age, so there was barely any differences rather than other who are older or younger have had, yet society is still the same for both schools because some students can be more advanced than others giving the same vibe for both college and high school. They are places where knowledge is taught, yet different from each other. College and high school are different form education, society, and instructors but have similarities because both are for the student success to have a good career and to help them with things that they do not understand. Now that you know what are the differences and similarities of college and high school I hope it gives a better

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