High School And College : Educational Factors Essay

700 Words Oct 21st, 2016 3 Pages
High School and College are both educational factors many people face in order to prepare themselves for becoming successful adults; however, the factors differentiate in reliability, freedom, and social life.
For 17 or 18 years, many students are accustomed to relying on someone, whether they are their parents/guardians, their teachers, or their friends. The number of people students rely on in high school is immense. Almost every day, a high school student is reminded to do their homework, study for a quiz/test, take out the trash, feed the dog, and much more. Besides being reminded of specific things, high school students are also reliant on their parents/guardians for them to transport them places, buy them things, set up their appointments, wash their clothes, and fix up a wholesome meal every once in awhile. The life of a high school student seems spectacular; however, many students becomes so dependent through high school years that they struggle with independence once they get to college. Unlike high school, the college student’s reliable circle decline and the best thing for the student is to rely on his/her planner. When in high school, the teacher would give frequent reminders of upcoming assignments; however, in college, the student would receive one or no reminders from their professors. That is why a planner is the best reminder for a college student, it teaches them how to be organized, productive, and responsible. In addition, college students carry more…

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