Argumentative Essay: Is A College Education Worth It?

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People of all ages ask themselves if a college education is actually worth it. Many high school students believe that they’ll be fine without college. Well, many studies have been done and the results tend to favor a college education over just a high school diploma. Going to college is important for individuals to be able to obtain a higher pay and a more desirable and lasting career. First of all, it’s very well known that college helps you earn more money. According to, students who’ve only gone to high school and have no college education earn 62% of what their college graduate peers earn. This proves that college graduates make almost twice as much as high school graduates. Also, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, weekly earnings for college graduates averages at $1038, compared to a weekly average of $712 for those with some college but no degree (which is 68%, slightly more than no college). …show more content…
According to, there’s a 2.4% unemployment rate for people with a professional degree, versus 9.4% for just high school graduates. It’s also just common logic that more people will want to hire and keep you hired if you have a higher education. One might argue that college puts people in irreversible debt. This is solid claim, though whoever thinks this must not realize the impact of scholarships on the cost of college. Also, college graduates find or create amazing careers that bring in money that far surpasses the cost of college. In conclusion, going to college helps you earn more money and get in a career that you’ll be happy with for life. College debt is not much of a problem for most people. Everyone should at least consider going to college and earning a

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