Essay On Importance Of College Education

Importance of College Education
Regrets are something that everyone deals with throughout their lives, and smart decisions are the most effective way to prevent them. The vital decision that the majority of people struggle with after high school is whether they should attend college. Continuing education after high school is a necessity if you are planning on obtaining a decent job and earning a high income. The main issue of why countless people do not opt for a college degree is due to the expenses. However, living with a high school diploma is actually much more difficult than affording college. There are numerous other benefits of college and most adults regret never receiving a degree. People should attend college because a higher education
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Unfortunately, acquiring a high-paying job without a college degree is more difficult than people realize (Hansen 3). In fact, most college graduates will receive around $20,000 more per year than those who have never attended college (Executive Summary 1). One of the reasons why a college education leads to an improved income is that there are more careers to choose from (Gale 40). Those who are planning on attending college will have the opportunity to do what they desire for their future career. On the other hand, high school graduates have a limited amount of careers to choose from, and these are usually low-paying jobs. Another reason is that employers are only willing to pay people who are proficient and knowledgeable (Gale 40). College assists the expansion of skills and knowledge necessary for your job and lacking these could leave you unemployed. Lastly, being a college graduate presents you with a considerably greater opportunity to progress in a company (Hansen 1). Being in a higher position can increase income immensely for any career. All in all, attending college is the key to obtaining decent money in the …show more content…
You might think that college graduates do not provide any benefits for the society. However, this is only if their college education is put to waste, otherwise, college graduates will benefit everyone. The first reason why a higher education benefits the society is that college graduates decrease the rate of unemployment (Leonhardt 1). This is due to the fact that they are well-prepared when searching for jobs. In addition, the lower the rate of unemployment that we possess; the more functioning our society will be (Gale 41). The second benefit is that most college graduates rely less on the government as a result of their high income (Hansen 2). Many high-school graduates utilize money from the government because their job does not pay well, or they do not have a job at all. An excessive amount of reliance on the government from citizens can harm the society. The third benefit is that certain skills gained from college such as problem-solving, communication, and time management will be useful for future jobs (Gale 40). These skills will upgrade our workforces because workers will be much more advanced and knowledgeable beforehand. Furthermore, a college education is what makes our society function, and it is important for everyone to become aware of

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