Herzberg And The Theory Of Employee's Motivational Theories

Employee’s Motivational Theories

Employee’s Motivational Theories
a) Herzberg motivational theorist
Herzberg argued that organizations should motivate employees by using democratic techniques in the management and by enhancing the nature and content of the real job by using of suggested methods. The methods proposed by Herzberg include;
i. Job enlargement –Workers will perform better if they are allocated wider tasks because this renders the work more interesting. ii. Job enrichment – For the workers to get a higher sense of achievement, the employer should allocate a set of challenging, complex and exciting tasks that surround a given work unit.
Herzberg came up with the two-factor theory of employee motivation.
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The rewards received by the employees include that due exemplary performance and chances for future development to motivate them. Mc Donalds try to motivate employees by assessing the level of performance in their work instead of using hygiene factors. McDonald’s employ rewards and competitions such as “minute to win it” in which the company bears all the costs for the compensation scheme. The five factors that Herzberg suggested are responsibility, recognition, achievement, the work itself and advancement. The presence f theses factors make the managers believe that employees would derive long-term positive benefits as opposed to employment of hygiene factors that only leads to short-term …show more content…
The organization should undertake measure to ensure that they understand the employees understand the company’s mission, principles, and priorities. Te understanding would help the employees align their dreams and career aspirations with business strategy.
The company should also adopt realistic motivation techniques for its employees. The organization should research on the range of motivation factors that keep the workers moving. The organization will, therefore, gain insight into the employees’ motivation factors such as job security, praise and acknowledgment, public recognition, and financial rewards. In addition, employees should be empowered by giving them job descriptions that awards them autonomy and hence enable them find solutions in their job activities.
The company should research on the gaps that exist in the current motivation schemes to identify patches. The organization should also ensure that the enterprise's internal image aligns to the external image (Thomas, 2009). The image should be reflected in the manner n=in which the employees are rewarded, treated, and their problem

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