Hersha Hospitality

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Hersha Hospitality is a well recognize hospitality management company based in Philadelphia. The company has it’s biggest portfolio in New york City with more than 25 hotels. Hersha focus in managing the hotels and it’s operations well the ownership of must of its building’s is a chinese corporation.
“Hospitality is a different animal from other sectors because there are so many stakeholders,” starting with consumers, says Lisa Zengerle,
Principal/Director of Hospitality at SERA Architects, which has designed numerous projects for Marriott International. (www.bdcnetwork.com)
“It’s not just about designing a place anymore,” states WATG|Wimberly
Interiors, the Irvine, Calif.-based hospitality design firm. “It’s about designing an experience that
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When we said co-living could become the next big trend in hospitality, we weren’t kidding. While it’s doubtful that we’ll suddenly see a surge of pod hotels, poshtels, or co-living/co-working spaces flooding the hospitality scene
Because if there’s one advantage hotels have over home shares like Airbnb or
HomeAway, it’s that role of being a real community fixture — a place where strangers can really gather together. Yes, an Airbnb might place you in the heart of a local neighborhood and you might be introduced to a local host but in many cases, the experience of a home stay can also be isolating. There’s no central hotel lobby where you can gather with other travelers or locals. So expect hotels to double down on this distinct advantage, and attempt in their own way, too, to make guests feel as though they really “live there.”
Thoughtful design isn’t something exclusive to boutique hotels anymore — it’s the basic price of admission these days. Skift Senior Editor Greg Oates pointed out as much when he demonstrated how Marriott, Hyatt, and Hilton are shedding their outdated design

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