Essay on Heron Engineering Marketing Plan

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Three-Year Marketing Plan – Heron Engineering Word count: 1500 excluding table 1 & 2 1.0 Executive Summary Heron Engineering (Heron hereafer) is to regain its market share in the Western European region (WE) and Central and Eastern European region (CEE) in both high-and low-technology sectors. Heron is capable of reestablishing its former positon as a market leader in both markets, given the producton of high-quality products that ofer more functonalites and productvity than its rivals at a very compettve value-added price. The primary marketng objectve is to retain outstanding reputaton with respect to the producton of extensive and high-quality product range in both markets. The primary fnancial objectve is to increase its market share …show more content…
– Environmental change: Slow to react to changing compettve conditons in WE. Opportunities – Growing demand: Demand for storage technologies has grown strongly in CEE following the collapse of the former communist regimes in the region; – New products: Possibilites for developing a new product range of high- and low-technology products; – New factory: Potental for opening a factory in CEE that produces low-technology products in order to reduce producton cost and undercut compettors' price.

Threats – Increased competition in both markets: competton from rivals have intensifed – numerous local producers of low-technology products had emerged afer 1992 and achieved much lower costs and prices than Heron. From 1995 onwards, several other WE companies have been successfully ofering high-technology systems in CEE; Downward pressure on pricing: customers in the low-technology sector in WE and CEE are price sensitve. Customers in CEE experience difcultes in paying for the high cost sophistcated storage systems due to hard currency shortages and inaccessibility to internatonal credit. 3.0 Marketing strategy 3.1 Business mission Heron's engineering is commited to provide customers with the widest range of high-quality stacking and storage products. Its high-technology systems and low-technology products (innovatve products) ofer more functonality and productvity than compettors, and exceed the expectatons of customers. 3.2 Marketing objectives – To retain

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