Essay about Herbal Remedies For Stress And Premenstrual Syndrome

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I choice to research several herbal remedies on the problems of stress and PMS/cramps, and my reasoning for these choices are that these are problems that I personally experience. Stress often accompanies many college students through the semester, and although I do not normally experience stress on a daily basis, it does affect my at times. Premenstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps are problems that most women endure, and therefore something that I have experienced numerous times. I thought that researching different herbal remedies for stress and premenstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps would be practical and more interesting, as I could apply the research in my life. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has minimal regulations for dietary supplements, due to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act passed by Congress in the year 1994 (Brown, 2014). According to the book Nutrition Now, this act does not require dietary supplements “to be tested prior to marketing or shown to be safe or effective” (Brown, 2014). Instead, these supplements “deemed unsafe when the FDA has proof they are harmful” (Brown, 2014). Furthermore, the only regulations placed on dietary supplements by the FDA are that they must “be labeled with a Supplemental Facts panel that lists serving size, ingredients, and percent Daily Value (% DV) of essential nutrient ingredients” (Brown, 2014). Therefore, the regulations for dietary supplements differ greatly from the FDA regulations on foods…

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