Helpme Case

HelpMe Corporation is a multinational firm with more than 2500 employees around the world, it’s main business is providing consulting services in the telecommunications and information technology industries. Though it is one of the Fortune 500 companies, there is a major loophole in its knowledge management strategies and it is facing challenge in capturing, sharing and leveraging its information both internally and externally. With the possibility of many retirements and brain drain by the end of 2015, HelpMe needs to do some strategizing and visioning in order to continue to be competitive in the marketplace. To develop a strategic plan HelpMe has conducted a survey.
Problems detected through Survey Analysis in their KM strategies:
• Most
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What are the metrics you use?
To make Sure our KM initiatives are working successfully we need to use some metrics like
1. Time saved and costs reduced: These are easily assessable information and can be made out of any project that is successful after the KM initiatives have been implemented, the valuable time and funds saved because of these initiatives can be well utilized for a different venture. Use of the above mentioned softwares like SharePoint and bitrix could save lot of human power and time which in turn reduces costs.
2. Increase in Productivity: This can be easily determined by data mining and going through the sales information and customer data. This is more direct and reliable metric to be measured.
3. Success along with Improved Quality: Collecting customer satisfaction surveys is always a best source to know if our product quality has improved or not and that is the real success to the project than the turnover.
4. Employee satisfaction: If the above mentioned recommendations are brought in to the organization there would definitely improvement in employee satisfaction and the end result would be improvement in the quality of the

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