What Is Creature Comforts?

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It’s my belief that for a government agency of the D.O.D. the U.S. Air force is a decent employer and organization. However, any organization with budget constraints has to compromise somewhere. The type of people who tend to navigate to the type of employment that I was assigned also tended to be less tolerant and respectful of belief systems. I think any organization can benefit from small changes but it will always is going to take time to implement them and often times money.
There are many areas after closer examination that could be improved upon such as the following: supporting employees “creature comforts”, providing safe work environments, providing employees avenues to address issues with the they have been treated or when disciplined
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As a service member I found that even a well laid out system with many rules has flaws. Creature comfort wasn’t exactly a priority nor was it really easily achievable working in Valdosta, Ga. The heat combined with the uniform we were to wear combined with the 90+ % humidity sometimes made doing my job both challenging and uncomfortable. We were required to wear our uniform or full coveralls which were not exactly light weight. Working in a hangar we were able to address issues of sunlight and its harshness but it did nothing to combat the heat. Ideally these hangars would be air-conditioned allowing us to work in a lower heat and humidity environment, therefore also making the environment a safer one. There is nothing like working in 100 degree weather with 90% humidity inside of a metal can (airplane). Work environments when working on a jet can only be so safe, but often times I found myself working over twelve hours which both effected my work abilities and family time when I was left with a ten hour turn around before I had to be back at work. They didn’t ever abide by the

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