Healthy People 2020 : The National Government 's Way Of Setting Goals

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Healthy People 2020 is the national government’s way of setting goals for communities of all of the states to get healthy. “Healthy People 2020 serves as the basis for the development of state and community plans to improve the health of their populations” (Harkness, 2015, p.116). Healthy People 2020 has a group of high risk health issues that they have placed as Leading Health Indicators. These Health Indicators are the states way of engaging the state’s population to become healthier. The progress is tracked over 42 public health topic areas, with 26 of the Leading Health Indicators placed into 12 topics.
One Health Indicator that has not shown progress or any change is an adult (age18 or older) diagnosed with diabetes, whose A1C lab result is greater than 9 percent. The progress has gone from 17.9 % to 21.0 %. The target goal for this issue is 16.1 % as a nation. The lab test for the A1C at most labs are $75.00. A simple glucose finger stick cost approximately $15.00. Insurances do cover the cost, but which do you think the insurance companies will pay for more? As long as the person is maintaining a healthy numbers most primary care physicians will stay with the finger sticks in the office, as a cost savings to the patient. The A1C is a more accurate lab test for accuracy of how the patient is managing the disease. Education on the importance of getting and following a patient’s A1C lab result. The patients that have insurance will have at least one A1C or more done…

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