Essay on Healthy City By Hisham Saleh Al Musilmani

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Healthy City
Done by Hisham Saleh Al-Musilmani
Nowadays, living in a healthy environment is a demand for all civilized community, as the social and environmental challenges increasing day by day(Baum,2008). This healthy environment is one part of the healthy city which is promoting health including the social, economical and psychological factors (Marcia 1998). So what is the healthy city? Healthy city is the city which developing and enhancing, the physical and social environment and consolidates the community resources which make the people powerful and effective to support each other in doing all their life activities and to get their maximum potential (Hancock and Duhl, 1986). The concept of healthy Cities started 1985 when it was sorted out by Len Duhl who spoke about his contentment that health aspects can be addressed in an effective way through the community-wide approach. After that the Healthy Cities network started in all WHO regions(Baum,2008). The main aim of these healthy cities as it is presented by European region is to put the health as a main concern in the political and social agenda and to initiate a strong movement for public health at the local level(Hankock,1993). Strong concern is given for equity, participation, intersectional collaboration and action to present the determinants of health (Hancock, 1993).
The wide view of health considering all the essential elements of city life as these…

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