Healthcare Reform : The Affordable Care Act Essay

1255 Words Oct 27th, 2016 6 Pages
In the world of healthcare there are many different bills that get passed, some for the better of the people and then some are in place to not help the people at all. With the different health care bills that we have they have to go through congress to get passed so that at the end of the day the bills will be beneficial to everyone. We as healthcare providers should know these different healthcare bills and understand them to the fullest being that they affect us on a daily basis. The healthcare bill that stands out the most is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. With this bill it was made to make sure that all Americans could have better source of healthcare by making sure that all health insurance reforms include, lower healthcare costs, expansion of everyone’s coverage, and making sure that there are more options with providing them with quality patient centered care (Medicaid, 2016). Some of the main components of the Affordable Care Act is that it’s consider to be the new healthcare reform for Americans and also known to be as “Obamacare”, (Obama Fact, 2016). With Obamacare Americans will be able to have health insurance for little to nothing at all when it comes to cost. In this act those who are able to get Obamacare will have access to new benefits, rights, and protections which will allow them to get better treatment whenever they may need it and it will protect them from any abuse from the other healthcare industries. Some of the components that in…

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