Essay about Health Service Management 340 Final

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1. Question : (TCO 4) Your hospital has just been told that all of your cardiovascular surgeons are transferring their practice to a competitive hospital beginning next year. How would this affect a forecast of volume?

Student Answer: First and foremost, if a hospital is suddenly lost all of its cardiovascular surgeons...heads will roll. However, if there are a major lost of service such as the cardiovascular surgeon...there will be a decrease in the volume due to the lost of services. Thus when the hospital have a reduce in the total volume it will also have a reduce in total cost. If the hospital is operating under statistics the long run, through the development or discontinuation of certain programs volume may be
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Participating hospitals defined as those hospital that received payment from the Department of Health and Human Services and Center for Medicare and Medicaid services or any govermental funding. However the few exception are the shriners hospital for children, Indian Health Services and the Veterans Affair hospital. Thus if a hospital is privatedly funded and does not received any public funding or govermental funding..i.e. Group Health, then the hospital can technically are not legally bounded to comply with the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA). Even though the hospital is technically not legally bind to render services to the individual that is in need of medical care. These hospital is still ehtically and morally bounded to render care or stabilized the patient for transport to a facility that is goverment funded.

5. Question : (TCO 3) Use the following data to calculate the variances in problem.

Your hospital has been approached by a major HMO to perform all their MS-DRG 470 cases (major joint procedures). They have offered a flat price of $10,000 per case. You have reviewed your charges for MS-DRG 470 during the last year and found the following profile:

The HMO in the above example has indicated that their doctors use less expensive joint implants. If this less expensive implant is used, your medical supply

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