Health Professional Reflective Report

Being able to reflect on numerous areas throughout the course is an important aspect when looking at the development and skills to better my potential as a health professional. This class has endorsed many opportunities such as working with others, problem solving with creating health promotion solutions, and presenting research and ideas. By learning objectives and information regarding the opportunities above, it has allowed room to continue in taking the next step towards my career in health promotion. Question 1:
When looking at the group project, I think there were a few areas that I succeed in as far as group dynamics. When it comes to working within a group setting, organization, responsibility, and a dedicated strong work ethic are
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Topics such as problem and solution solving components, staff engagement and management tactics, discussions and public speaking, and assessing/developing policy are all great focuses that can be applied. Although there were more take away points from this course, these are the areas that I feel will be most important moving forward. The logic model and others such as developing SMART objectives are great ways to plan and look at problem and solution development. When it comes to corporate wellness, engaging in staff and knowing qualities of good management are vital. Like mentioned before, engaging in group discussions and perfecting public speaking are also key themes to apply to my future profession. By progressing effectively towards these, it will also open doors for building relationships which is also something this course emphasized. Being able to assess and enforce policy is another category of health promotion that is important for professionals to understand. Like the models mentioned above, I thought forming approaches targeting policy, built environments, and system changes were very useful. I struggled with mixing these components with programming solutions, but with practice it was easier to distinctly design solutions individually. A last segment of this class I feel is important to apply to my future profession is being able to keep updated on current health …show more content…
I will need to strategically choose courses that will provide me the resources and knowledge that will best equip me in moving forward. Seeking out opportunities in the community is also crucial because it enhances public speaking, sharing ideas, and building relationships that may open future doors. These opportunities also provide growth and direction on good and possibly bad examples on how to do things as a health professional in a future career. These all help build relationships which is important wherever you go. Careers are built on relationships and those you burn or don’t purse are closing future doors you cannot see. Some personal strengths that will allow me to build are a drive to promote health, having knowledge about the importance of relationships and community engagement, and obtaining knowledge about health promotion I know will be valuable in the future. When looking back, the elements from question three actually aligned well with both personal and professional strengths. Aside from some personal strengths that will need to be improved, my professional goals align well with both personal and professional strengths. I think it’s important to note that while my

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