Essay on Health Promotion For The Patient 's Health

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The breakdown in communication here had the potential to be detrimental to the patient’s health. As nurses, we were responsible for finding out the correct information and making sure it was communicated correctly with everyone. This should not be done in order to change the plan of care, but to ensure that everyone has the necessary information to make sure the best decision is made for the patient. This is an experience that I will never forget, and it reminds me as I grow as a nurse to always gather all of the information and communicate it effectively, and most importantly to advocate for your patients.
Health Promotion Health promotion involves implementing appropriate teaching and learning strategies to assist people to achieve optimal health. Patient teaching is a major part of nursing. Throughout nursing school, I have learned that nurses are as much teachers as they are caregivers. Patient teaching is something that nurses are expected to do constantly throughout patient care. Patient teaching and health promotion may involve teaching about medications, procedures, interventions, dietary changes, activity, smoking cessation, as well as many other topics. Starting my partnership, the only teaching I had done before, was educating a patient on using an incentive spirometer. This was something that I only did one for an assignment. After just a few days in partnership, I realized just how much teaching is necessary throughout the shift as a nurse. At first, I was…

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