Essay about Health Care Reflection

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Health Care Marketing Reflection

Christine Cazares


April 4, 2016
Andrea Linder

Health Care Marketing Reflection

In recent years, hospitals have relied on marketing strategies through newspapers, letters, or television. Currently, the new word of mouth is social media on how organizations such as hospitals, spread the word. This paper will examine the current health care marketing techniques used for social media. Included in this will be how the marketing is used, the author's opinion on the marketing techniques for social media, how social media affects the consumers, and if social media within healthcare as a positive or negative effect. Health Care Marketing Techniques and Trends Marketing
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By having a solid strategy for the hospitals marketing, the marketing department will achieve and become successful and an organization. The marketing department must have created clear goals and have a vision of how consumers are going to be reached with social media. This goal can help achieve the best results (Trader, 2013).
Current Techniques Affecting Consumer Trends With the advancements in technology, I believe there are also improvements in marketing techniques. I do think that consumer trends are affected by these methods. Currently, technology is what businesses, including heath care, depend on to help spread the word of mouth on health care organizations are doing (Carrington, 2014). And in a technological age so do consumers. People want information faster and have up to date with the current trends. Health care is no exception. Customers who are looking for new health care services can read other’s opinions online and make their decisions on what they see best. By consumers using this technique such as social media, other can help by posting messages and comments about certain organizations like hospitals.
Positive or Negative Effects Due to Current Techniques and Trends Although social media may impact some aspects of the health care system negatively, this is a significant trend utilized by a great percentage of consumers to gather information about their health care

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