Health Care Is An Excellent Nursing Home For Anyone Who Needs

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Vancrest Health Care is an excellent nursing home for anyone who needs to recover from an incident or a place to get assistance at an older age. Deanna Brinkman has a bachelor’s degree in social work and furthers the education while working with her residents at this nursing home located in Van Wert, Ohio. She is one of three that works in social services and any further questions she can be reached at (419)-238-4646 Ext. 244. I sat down myself and spoke with her for an interview on Friday, October 28, 2016 and came back for several more sessions.
In 1960, the founder of Vancrest, Dr. E.E. White, had a mission “to deliver high quality patient centered care to the rapidly aging population.” ( He did this when he provided the first geriatric hospital. Within the next ten years he broke ground in Van Wert, Ohio, to create the first facility to be called Vancrest. The new building was built to meet the long term care needs of senior citizens. By 1996, an Assisted Living Complex was added and complete. Not even two years, in 1998, the Rehabilitation center became a part of the same facility. Today the Vancrest CEO is Mark White and Van Wert’s Administrator is Scott White.
The nursing home does a lot for its residents and staff by helping them feel at home, and part of a family. Vancrest is an excellent facility because the staff loves their job. Ohio has 13 facilities owned by Vancrest, plus a recently new addition in Ada, Ohio. Most of the Vancrest own facilities…

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