Health Care Affordable Care Act And Beyond Essay

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Health Care – Affordable Care Act and Beyond The United States spends more on healthcare in terms of spend, supply, utilization and pricing, than 13 comparable high-income countries. However, the U.S. ranks lowest in life expectancy and lower quality (Commonwealth Fund 2015). (See Appendix) This coupled with the major recession in 2010 lead the government to develop and implement programs such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to contribute to reducing the pace of rising cost, promote better outcomes, and engage providers in changing the traditional models of practice and healthcare delivery. The ACA has accomplished reduction in spend, reduced the growth rate and has made some improvements in outcomes. However, the forecast is showing that an extensive amount more needs to be accomplished beyond the ACA or increased implementation of the ACA plan, to sustain the improvements made. The U.S. needs continued evolution in healthcare delivery and management that looks at new and more comprehensive, sustainable strategies to reduce cost, slow inflation, improve quality and outcomes. Population Health Management is a term for a system that focuses on coordinated care, developing evidence practice management, utilization of technology in many forms, revised electronic data and billing systems, and workforce evolution. The future of healthcare is dependent on advancing to this new form of delivery and management, however challenging and daunting it necessary to shift a…

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