Healing Hospital Essay

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The Healing Hospital Jefferson, Alice Grand Canyon University: NRS 310V June 24, 2012

Thesis: The Healing Hospital employs a holistic approach to patient care. Nurses must be sensitive to the physical, spiritual, emotional, and religious beliefs of the client. The nurse should plan and implement competent care to the client and their families. A healing hospital exists beyond bricks, mortar and glass. A healing physical environment, the integration of work design and technology, and a culture of
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A healing hospital should strive daily to exceed the client’s expectations and instilled confidence. In spite of its good work, there are challenges in creating a healing hospital. For example, how many beds, how many it will employ, department locations and most of all, the bottom lime cost of the facility. Providing a healing environment requires a massive investment on facilities, technology, recruitment and training.
Integration of work design and technology: The second healing hospital concept is that of the integration of work design and technology. Healing hospitals work with designers to find ways to provide added privacy and security for patients, and to use technology to promote the healing environment. The hospital also work with designers to find ways to enable the staff to perform their jobs more efficiently ( Eberst, L. 2008). Implementation of additional privacy was made possible by using “back of house” elevators for patients transfers to different areas of the hospital for diagnostic procedures and tests. For example, a patient on their way to the x-ray department would be free from worry that may run into a co-worker or a neighbor on the elevator. The technologically advanced equipment of a healing hospital provides the very best in healthcare services. Patients are able to take advantage of pulmonary, cardiology,

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