What Are The Pros And Cons Of Socialized Healthcare

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A few proposed policies alternatives to combat the rising cost in health care

1. Socialized Medicine
2. Healthcare Price Transparency
3. Cost-sharing initiates

Socialized healthcare is a government owned and operated healthcare system which provides universal health care assistance that people need to acquire the help of some government laws intended for health care and other types of medical and health care subsidies. (HealthResearchFunding.org, 2014) Where the government owns and operates healthcare facilities and employs the employees at these facilities such as the physicians, medical assistance, nurses, and front staff etc. (Healthinsurance.org, 2016) Below is a graph done by the Harvard School of Business. “They found that Americans actually preferred socialized medicine to our system.” (Klein, 2009)

The pros to socialized healthcare being first it is affordable to everyone. There is no longer a social divide based on economic values. The second patients no longer with have that pharmaceutical problem of not being able to pay for the medications they may need to treat their disease or illness. The third being everybody is completely insured. No more of this preexisting conditions getting in the way of having insurance. (HealthResearchFunding.org, 2014)
The cons to socialized medicine is there is no longer that
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First more of a public healthcare infrastructure which it the primary care providers which are the gate keepers to the healthcare systems needs to be in place. Second hospital infrastructure which are hospitals the way they are set up today with specialist attached such as orthopedic and cardiac needs to be in place. Third specialized infrastructure which are the specialty hospitals such as children’s hospitals and psych hospitals. (Akhir, 2016, p. 4-5) Fourth Long term care infrastructure which are the nursing homes. (Shi & Singh, 2015, p.

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