Hcs 325 Motivational Methods Paper

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Motivational Methods
HCS 325
June 4, 2012

Motivational Methods
Motivation is a key aspect in the organization or workplace, and it is imperative to know the basic theory application and methods dealing with any problems that usually unavoidable for the employee and will come up in any work environment. This is a mandatory skills for a leader or future manager to know how important on how to motivate his or her employee to work more efficient. Motivating employees is a big dilemma for managers. To produce a higher level of performance and productivity, manager’s today are obliged to pay more attention on this matter. Every employee needs different types of motivation. In this paper will elaborate three motivational methods that a
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When an employee does a remarkable job, the employee needs to be recognized and be known for his or her outstanding work. Silence can bring down morale of the employees, but in this case, if the employee meet and show his or her job well-done performance. As a manager by showing the appreciation of the management to his or her employees of his or her hard work, the manager could have done by handing out certificates, awards, employee appreciation day, or at least by buying him or her lunch. It is imperative for the manager to know how to appreciate for a job well done or telling to his or her employee that his or her hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed. The same way as for a manager who seek for appreciation for what he or she do, managers must recognize his or her employees for the small amount of achievements will encourage more participation and will motivate his or her employees as well. Giving non-monetary, heartfelt praise, and recognition will not only motivate the workers but will also save the organization money.

Training is another method to motivate workers by giving them a chance to enhance their skills by training and development. Workers may attend training or seminars outside the job, or development training within the organization. Seminars or training sessions are added assets because worker does not have to leave the premises and can suit the specific needs of the organization. Training and development

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