Hard Work Pays Off Essay

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Hard Work Pays Off
A grandchild admires their grandparents in multiple ways and for various reasons. In my case, for guidance, love, and financial success. My grandparents both came from non-wealthy families. However, this did not negatively impact their lives. In fact, growing up non-wealthy taught them that in order to have what they wanted or needed, they would have to work hard. Both grew up on family farms, therefore, through experience they understand the true definition of hard work.
My grandfather has experienced rough situations. Grandpa Steve grew up in a family of six, including his parents. However, two of his younger brothers died in a boating accident. In addition to his brothers ' deaths, he lost his father not long after. Due to financial problems at home, Grandpa was unable to finish his education. He was forced to drop out of school at the age of 14 to help generate an income at home. Having a low-level education may have put a bump in the road to his success, but this did not create an unclimbable mountain. In fact, this only pushed him to want to become more. My grandfather was bound and determined to do anything he was able to, to become a financially successful man.
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In order for me to achieve my license, I am responsible for paying off the tuition in full before I graduate. Through FAFSA and Hays Academy I could receive a total of $9,744 in both subsidized and unsubsidized loans. These loans could be an immense help toward my tuition fee since I am required to pay it off within the time that I am in school. However, with the accumulated interest on those loans, I would be paying much more than I would need to. The wisest way to pay for college is to save money, apply for scholarships, and find a job. By doing these three things, I would save myself thousands of dollars and a large burden of stress. Through the help of scholarships and savings, I will be able to pay my full tuition before I receive my

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