Creative Writing: We Have To Prepare For Halloween

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‘’We have to prepare for Halloween.’’ Peter announced his sister when he walked into her room.
You looked up from the college textbook you were reading and gave him a surprised look. ‘’You do know that it’s still September right? We have plenty of time ahead to prepare. Besides what kind of preparation you are talking about? We have chosen our costumes, even if I haven’t even watched batman. And we agreed to put the decorations up early with year by ourselves not to trouble aunt May but I was thinking more like early October not now.’’
‘’Fine, we won’t decorate yet and I believe you would look great as Robin so don’t complain about it. As for my other plans I have a whole list of movies to watch. So since we both have only a few free night
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You remember what happened when we watched ‘’the nightmare on Elm Street’’. I can still recall you being too scared to go to bed and ending up falling asleep in class. I was the one that had to go by your school to explain your teacher why you were sleep debrived.’’ You had the habit of acting as his legal guardian sometimes so your aunt won’t be worried. Unlike you Peter is still a teenager and she feels the need to protect him from everything.
‘’I won’t get scared this time I can guarantee it. And it’s like you are fearless.’’
‘’Well I’m not but I have spent a night alone in an empty studio apartment watching Criminal Minds when I was moving out so I don’t get scared easily.’’ You smirked at him while remembering the weird night that you had experienced. ‘’What movie do you want to start with?’’
Peter randomly put his finger on the list and picked ‘’The Strangers.’’ Later thag day you informed your aunt about you movie night plan but she declined your offer because one of her friends had broken her leg and she would spend the night in the hospital with her.
While watching the movie you were eating pizza and popcorn. You tried to ease your brother’s obvious nerves by making light of some of the scenes but you failed miserably. He was too nervous to join your
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And you’re sure nobody is going to know on our door in the middle of the night right?’’ Peter looked at you like you had the power to control something like that.
‘’I can’t make sure of it we are living in Queens stranger things than that had happened. But I did lock the door and checked it twice. Also we don’t live in an isolated vacation home like the couple in the movie.’’ However, you checked the door again just to reassure him.
‘’Good to know I will go to bed now. I hope I will be able to sleep alone in there.’’ Peter hesitantly walked towards his room.
‘’If it will make you feel safe we can built a little pillow fort in front of the couch. That way we can sleep close to each other and protect ourselves.’’ You initially meant for it to be a joke considering your brother was Spider-man but he was too thrilled with the idea that you gave in.
‘’Perhaps you will consider sleeping in your costume, that way you can protect us better. And I will take a picture to sell to every newspaper. I can imagine the headline ‘’Spider-man scared by movie sleeps in pillow fort.’’ I will become rich on your behalf.’’ You laughed and moved two chairs in the living room.
‘’You can laugh all you want but sleeping in my suit is not such a bad

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